Fur the Love of Grooming

Quality care for a affordable price.  

       Fur the Love of Grooming has 15 years of grooming experience.  We know how much you love your pets, show them how much you love them by getting them groomed. Grooming your pets helps keep them healthy and happy.  We groom all size pets.


4827 S Western

Amarillo, TX 79109

(806) 367-7645

 Pet Grooming and Bathing:

   Your pet will feel soft and smell good after visit with us.  We offer wide range of services for your pet. Baths, Haircuts, brushings, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, toe nail trimming and anal gland expression.  This will help keep your pet in good health and happy.



       All pets must have the vaccination records brought in or give us the vets phone number so we can call to verify.


      Hours of Grooming:

          Tuesday and Thursday

                         7:00 a.m.

          Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

                         9:00 a.m.

          Closed on Sunday and Monday